Steal these from your Girlfriend

Well, should you? I guess it depends. If you want to avoid looking like Rick the Hormone Monster for as long as possible, then yes. Adding a serum to your daily skincare routine would be a good idea. If you want to be rid of your adult acne once and for all, also yes. If you just want your skin to look better than it does now, then by all means, yes! Welcome to Serum City, baby, population all of us!

This quick and easy (promise!) addition to your morning and evening routine is like a little vial of highly-concentrated magic. Serums make your other products, like face wash and moisturizer, work better. Think of them as the shot of espresso in a morning red eye, ready to take your caffeine buzz—aka skin health—to the next level.

Serums are packed with vitamins and other powerful ingredients (Amino acids! CBD! Retinol!) that work to improve your skin’s condition over time. The product’s consistency falls somewhere between water and cream (yes, what I’m trying to say is serum looks and feels a little like semen and we all just need to deal with that fact and move on, just FYI) but don’t be afraid! That texture is a good thing because it lets the product really sink in. Serums go on easy and dry in a flash, and just a few pumps or drops rubbed between your fingers is enough to cover your whole face and neck.

You might remember that we got deep into Retinol as an important skincare ingredient a few months ago. It’s worth noting here that (honk honk, skincare routine lesson coming through) not all serums contain retinol, and retinol isn’t only used in serums; it’s also in moisturizers and face oils. So, you can mix-and-match a serum and a retinol in your routine, or combine them in one product.

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The Retinol Skincare Products to Steal from Your Girlfriend

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The best thing about Serum City (other than how good everyone looks there) is that it’s actually a big, wide world, full of options you can tailor to your specific needs. Like, you might need a seriously moisturizing hyaluronic acid serum to survive the winter, and a reviving vitamin C serum to bring that mug back to life come summer. Or an acne-fighting serum now, and an anti-aging serum in five years. Plus, you can layer them up to combat multiple issues at once, since they’re so lightweight!

So come, join the plump-cheeked, even complexioned, smooth texture skin people. We’ve been waiting for you. Creepy, but also welcoming, no?