Stevie Ray Podcast: The Hardbody Harrison Debate, WCW Wrestling Jobbers

WCW Legend and 10x Tag Team Champion, Stevie Ray joins Matt Topolski to discuss the Hardbody Harrison incident. See the full un-cut episode courtesy of Title Match Wrestling.

Courtesy of Title Match Wrestling (Stand Up For Greatness with Stevie Ray)

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Joined by co-host Matt Topolski, this episode covers the role of jobbers in wrestling. Also known as enhancement talent, names like Barry Horowitz, Iron Mike Sharpe, Dwayne Gill and others were paid to make their opponents look good. Stevie Ray also goes over guys like Hardbody Harrison who ended up getting a life sentence for s*x trafficking – wait till you hear Stevie Ray’s comments on this topic! Stevie Ray & Hardbody Harrison were former friends back in the WCW days so Stevie has a different perspective on the man who many us have never met.

If you remember Roadblock, Zan Panzer, Ned Brady or any of the other enhancement guys from WCW/WWF then you will LOVE this show!

We hope you enjoy Episode 2 of Stand Up for Greatness w/ Stevie Ray as we focus on wrestling’s greatest jobbers!

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