Batista returns to WWE attacking a 70 year old Ric Flair

As WWE Raw on the USA Network celebrated the 70th birthday of two-time WWE Hall of Famer, the Nature Boy Ric Flair, “The Animal” Batista made a surprise return to attack his former Evolution mentor setting up a possible Wrestlemania 35 encounter between Triple H and Batista at MetLife Stadium later this year.

Screenshot courtesy of WWE.

Rick Flair was on Monday Night Raw for a 70th birthday celebration which had just begun when the camera shifted behind the curtain and we got a glimpse of the Guardians of the Galaxy star dragging a limp Ric Flair from his locker room. And judging by crowds reaction, this version of Batista; unlike the one used to usurp the organic fan responses for the “old” Daniel Bryan, is sure to be received with open arms; even if he is a heel.

Great work on the segment by WWE, utilizing a less is more approach to solicit a reaction and set up a major Wrestlemania match. One has to speculate if new creative fingertips were responsible for writing such a segment, which felt more WWF than get the “F out”.

To see the segment in its entirety, visit WWE’s YouTube channel.