TMZ is reporting that Jussie Smollett can’t stop lying. Naturally, we’re all shocked.

TMZ news is running with an “exclusive” story, titled: JUSSIE SMOLLETT ‘EMPIRE’ EXECS DON’T BELIEVE’ Attack’ Staged Over Salary Issues. If ever there were a clear example of the phrase, “beating a dead horse”, this would be it. Excuse the poor pun by the way.

TMZ goes on to say:

If “Empire” money was Jussie Smollett’s motivation to allegedly stage an attack, he certainly never showed his cards to the people who could actually make it happen.
“Empire” production sources tell TMZ … none of the brass — producers or EPs, including Lee Daniels — heard even a whisper from Jussie grousing he was underpaid. Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Jussie staged the “attack” to raise his profile and get more per episode.

A leaked mugshot google claims may be subject to copyright.

TMZ sources revealed that, “if Jussie was upset about his salary, he kept it to himself. He was in the middle of a long-term contract and the executives, who are in a position to bust the deal or sweeten the pot, say neither Jussie nor his reps ever asked.”

Jussie was pulling in a reported $125,000 per episode. Which is exactly 124,999 more per episode than he is worth.

TMZ sources also revealed that Captain Victim’s main focus recently was the release of new music. He was upset his first album didn’t do well and was stressed out over the debuts of his new songs and music videos. (Article here).