Lil Xan pregnancy story sends Twitter into a tailspin proving that in 2019, anything passes as news

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#lilxan shows off his new face tattoo.

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This is rapper Lil Xan and he’s different because he likes drugs and has a lot of face tattoos. Today Lil Xan and his girlfriend Annie Smith announced to the world that the sharpie-marker faced rapper is about to become a father.

The Lil Xan news was so earth-shattering that E!News, US Weekly & other outlets jumped on the bandwagon immediately, releasing exclusive updates on Twitter as if they were covering a presidential election.

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i WILL be happy if its the last thing i do.

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Oh yeah and Lil Xan used to date Miley Cyrus’s younger sister, Noah Cyrus. She released this image on Instagram after the news broke. Whether it has anything to do with her ex Lil Xan is anyone’s guess.

If you made it this far in the article you might be contemplating your own existence.