Ellen Page Addresses Jussie Smollett Fallout, Predictably Ducks & Dodges Any Accountability

Actress Ellen Page most recently made headlines when she went on an emotional tirade on Stephen Colbert’s show. The target? You guessed it…

Notice how the Late Show folks still have not changed the headline in the video above, even after all evidence points to the Jussie Smollett case being a 100% fabrication. But hey – their entire mission is to blast the Trump administration on a nightly basis so what’s a little fake hate crime gonna hurt?

By now we all know the Jussie Smollett story was a complete lie. The entire legacy media jumped on the fake hate train, doubling down on each newscast and inserting their divisiveness into every late nite comedy show (I use that term loosely).

Imagine how embarrassed you would feel after giving a speech like Ellen Page did, only for the entire story to be deemed totally fabricated just days later. Certainly an apology is in order. Or at the very least some sort of acknowledgement…really any self-awareness here will do. I mean you kind of demonized an entire group of people, fanning the flames for a race war over a story that never happened in the first place.

Did she apologize? Of course not.

Ellen Page finally responded after the entire legacy media delicately back peddled their narrative. Normally one might feel angry, embarrassed, outraged over being to lied to and made a fool of on national television. But you won’t find any of those emotions here.

Just when you think victim culture jumped the shark…