Bret Hart Attacked by Fan During WWE Hall of Fame Speech

The legendary “Hitman” Bret Hart was giving his WWE Hall of Fame speech when some scum bag bum rushed the stage, attacking Bret from behind. Natalya tried to warn Bret after quickly noticing what was going on.

Natalya kept so cool during the entire debacle. After a few moments of chaos, Natalya and Bret Hart went right back from where they left off as if nothing ever happened.

Several wrestlers jumped into action as well when they saw what was going on.
MMA fighter Travis Browne, Shane McMahon & Bret Hart’s nephew, Davey Boy Smith Jr were among the first on the scene.

Other wrestlers like ECW/WWE legend Tommy Dreams also shared their support for the Hitman.

Even those who at times did not get along with Bret stood up for him during this moment. Eric Bischoff quickly came to the Hitman’s defense.

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CBS News reports that the attacker faces two counts of assault, one count of trespassing and a misdemeanor charge.

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