Battle Club Pro – Women Crush Wednesday Review & Highlights

Battle Club Pro “Women Crush Wednesday” presented by Title Match Network.

Battle Club Pro kicked off Wrestlemania 35 weekend with their 3rd all-women’s wrestling Icons event, Women Crush Wednesday. You can stream/rent/download the full show exclusively on Title Match Network.

The show took place in front of a jam-packed crowd at the Brooklyn Stuy Dome in New York City. Here’s a break down what was easily one of the top all-women’s events of 2019.

Headlining the show was Battle Club Pro Icons Champion Harlow O’Hara vs Kylie Rae.
Harlow captured the gold at Battle Club’s “Bash in the Bronx” show last July by defeating Impact Wrestling star Jordynne Grace. Since then, O’Hara has carved out her name as one of the top female performers in the game today.

Kylie Rae first tasted gold when she won the Reality of Wrestling Diamonds championship at Booker T’s home promotion outside of Houston. Ever since she had dominated everywhere she went including promotions like Ladies Night Out, Stardom, AAW, RISE & countless others.

Kylie Rae is now signed to AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and this was one of her last matches on the independents. Rae defeated O’Hara by countout but the big surprise happened when Tasha Steelz came out post-match & defeated O’Hara in an impromptu match to become the new Battle Club Pro Diamonds champion! Watch Now:

Su Yung is one of the most intriguing & unpredictable competitors in all of women’s wrestling. Currently appearing all over the world for Impact Wrestling, Su still finds time to wreck havoc in select promotions.

Maria Manic has the size, dominance & a bad ass “Maneaster” tattoo across her stomach. She’s easily one of the most recognizable characters in women’s wrestling, most known for her appearances in CZW, Battle Club, AIW & NEW to name a few.

This match between Su Yung & Maria Manic was wild from the get-go. There were several brutal looking spots including one where Manic ran full speed with Su Yung overhead, slamming her into the wall of the building. Classic chaos here and since the match ended in a disqualification, we could be treated to more of this carnage down the road.

Another awesome match here that you really should go out of your way to see.
Tasha Steelz has been tearing it up in Battle Club Pro, Women of Honor, Chaotic Wrestling & other promotions.

Diamante has starred in NXT, Impact, SHINE, RONIN, IGNITE, among others.

This was a very hard-hitting affair that had the crowd in awe. Tasha Steelz picked up the big win.

What a 3-way match! All 3 of these women are pure money.

Thunder Rosa is about to leave for her 3rd tour of Japan & has been killing it in Lucha Underground (as Kobra Moon), Ring of Honor with Holidead, Ladies Night Out, Sabotage and countless other companies.

Aerial Monroe is a Mae Young Classic alum and one of the most talked about names on the circuit today! Monroe had shined in SHINE, RISE, Queens of Combat, FEST & many others.

Davienne has dominated everywhere she’s went including Ring of Honor, WWR & Women of Warriors. She’s one of the most imposing figures in all of women’s wrestling & takes no nonsense from her opponents.

This whole card is stacked top to bottom but this was the only 3-way match on the card and these women pulled it off perfectly. “Big Swole” Aerial Monroe picked up the W.

Vanity is an awesome talent but unfortunately had to pull out of this event at the last minute.

We know what Savannah Evans can do! Standing at 5’9 she has a power & look that is not often seen in the game. She’s been all over the country making her name in companies like CZW, FEST, WildKat, Queens of Combat & more.

So Evans showed up to Battle Club Pro having face a guest opponent. The opponent was none other than “The Girl on Fire” Kiera Hogan! After killing it in Impact Wrestling since last year, Hogan has been everywhere! The crowd was thrilled when Hogan walked out & even happier when the bell rang.

Great encounter here between two amazing young talents! Evans used her power to gain the advantage and add another win to her belt.

Indi Hartwell & Shazza McKenzie are both from Austrailia and are no strangers to big lights here in the states! Having made huge appearances in SHIMMER, GCW, MCW, RISE & others, the women are a force to be reckoned with!

On the other side we have Veda Scott & Allie Kat, two extremely popular babyface characters who can be seen all over the place. This is a fun match hat kept the fans very happy and wanting more!

Team Sea Stars are a young team who have been making waves throughout the women’s wrestling scene. Comprised of Delmi Exo & Ashley Vox, don’t be surprised to see Team Sea Stars at a show near you.

Solo Darling has a great look and a lot of experience in companies like Ring of Honor, Beyond & Chikara. Her partner was supposed to be Willow Nightingale who unfortunately broke her neck. *Please consider donating to help Willow’s medical bills* As a substitute we had the host of Women Crush Wednesday, Leva Bates who is for 1 match only known as Leva Nightingale!

This gauntlet match featured several great new talents that you will hearing a lot about in the near future! Leyla Hirsch got the big win, shining the whole way through. The other participants included Christina Marie, Dani J, Genesis, Ruby Raze, Steph De Lander, Vipress & Zoe Lucas.

If you are a fan of women’s wrestling then look no further than Battle Club Pro’s Women Crush Wednesday! You can stream/rent/download the full event exclusively at Title Match

Since 2016, Battle Club Pro has become one of most dominant, consistently entertaining products in the crowded northeast wrestling region. BCP has stood out with their unique roster, intriguing 1st time match-ups & dedication to their Icons women’s division.

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