Gotham Green and Cocaine White

by Matt Topolski

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The New York Jets started their rebranding efforts more 5 years ago when they petitioned the NFL League Office for a color scheme upgrade and logo refresh, but the results of last week’s big reveal have been met with mixed reviews to say the least.

This is not an actual representation of Jets New Coach Adam Gase’s reaction to the uniform changes in New York.

“It’s a statement about the future. I think it’s a statement about how we want to be perceived as a little bolder, a little more innovative and a little greater,” said Jets President Neil Glat. Is it Neil? Or is it an attempt at selling more merch for a team that has been a broken laugh track in the NFL for over a decade?

Regardless of the “mixed” reviews on social media over the revamped Jets’ look, I’m sold. Fresh threads can lead to a refreshed attitude in camp, practice on the field Sundays. The on-field product is sure to improve provided Jets’ new head coach Adam Gase burns the midnight oil on gameday preparation; which for reasons I can’t expand on, I’ll assume he will.

Furthermore, the addition of former Steelers holdout running back Le’Veon Bell and second year QB Sam Darnold will give Jets’ fans thirsty for more than just a fashion makeover hope.

While some are criticizing the upgrade as a cheap knockoff of Friday Night Lights or the Saskatchewan Roughriders (CFL Football Team), I recommend the critics take a chill pill. Other than a guarantee made 50 years ago by a guy named “Broadway”, what history does the Jets organization have to preserve by not upgrading their esthetic?

I assume Broadway Joe would have no reservations about throwing on the “spotlight” white or gotham green jerseys, and by the look of the jersey reveal party neither will Sam Darnold, Jamal Adams, Leonard Williams, or the newly-acquired Le’Veon Bell and C.J. Mosley.

So while the jury may still be out on the bold change in East Rutherford, I’m all in on the new scrubs. I just hope the press conferences continue to raise the bar in the “spotlight” too.