Jameson Taillon has the strongest dome in sports: Survives 102-MPH Line Drive To The Head!

The Chicago Cubs opened the 2019 season in front of their home fans by dropping 10 dimes on the Pittsburgh Pirates in just the first four innings of play. Pirates ace, Jameson Taillon who lasted just two innings, didn’t exactly impress with his pitching performance, but was herculean in his recovery after taking a 102 MPH line drive to the head.

The ball blazed off Anthony Rizzo’s bat at 102 and although the ball looked as if it may have glanced off Taillon’s glove, he took most of the blow to the top of his head. Remarkably, Jameson continued to pitch after the incident. Despite being evaluated by Pirates’ team doctors, Taillon remained in the game and even finished the inning with a strikeout before being replaced.

Although Taillon will record the loss, he’s got a story for the grandkids and earned clubhouse swagger.