MurderMania Brutalized NYC with their unique brand of violence

Most wrestling media voices ignored them. Out of all the companies who received press during Wrestlemania weekend, this one was rarely mentioned at all.

Seriously – how many articles did you read about MurderMania? Welcome to the 2-day no-ring death fest that brutalized New York City & captured new fans from around the world! The events will made available soon via Title Match Network.

Before Wrestlemania Week kicked off, Valentine booked a 2-day no-ring death match fest. The bands Tight Fright, Nowhere NYC & Fleshlight Suicide would provide the live soundtrack before the bloodshed began.

Casanova Valentine is the mind behind MurderMania. Above you can see him fight Effy in one of the bloodiest battles of the weekend.

The concept is pretty simple. No ring. No rules. Small bar. Good times.

Over the 2 days of gore, fans from around the world witnessed violence from Valentine, Effy, FMW Leather, Arik Cannon, Gym Nasty Boys, Joe Gacy, Ugly Ducklings & more.

This unorthodox approach has enabled Valentine to bring his brand of violence to cities across the country like Los Angeles, New York & Las Vegas, while establishing a big underground following.

MurderMania announced today via Twitter that their events will be streaming soon via Title Match Network.

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