Magic Johnson Stepping Down as Lakers President

by Matt Topolski

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“I just want to have fun again.” An exact quote from the now former President of Basketball Operations at the Los Angeles Lakers. With a game yet to play before the Lakers put an end to their 2018-2019 season, the franchise has hit rock bottom at 37-44.

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Inevitably questions will begin to circle regarding LeBron James’ input if any on the decision, but just ask Mike Brown and David Blatt about the LeBron effect. Its been a topic of conversation for years and now it would seem after the experiment failed in 18-19 season that King James can add a team president to the list of red wedding victims.

And then just hours prior to the news breaking, this gem surfaced courtesy of ESPN’s Rachel Nichols.

Laker Land is in shambles tonight while its star player acquisition seeks to shield himself from a potential 37 win season by getting his offseason started weeks early at the barbershop.