Christian Yelich hits 10 jacks in 20 Games

Christian Yelich is the fastest player to reach 10 HR in a season in Milwaukee Brewers history (20 games). The Cardinals didn’t stop pitching to Yelich in their mid week series with the Brewers, and the writers at Flagged are happy about that boneheaded decision.

Balls and strikes, heard of em St. Louis? Well if you have, 4 balls will put Yelich on first, but one strike will put him home.

The Cards weren’t the only ones exercising poor judgment. Although the Dodgers held the line for a 3-1 win over the Brew Crew on Thursday Night in game one of their series, Yelich added to his homerun total in the 9th inning. Had the Brewers got him on in the 8th with two runners on, the game would have been a different outcome.

Yelich reached 10 homers in 20 games, fastest in Brewers history, while establishing a franchise record with 27 RBI for March/April. He’s the reigning NL MVP and white-hot in the first month of the season.