Sam Roberts Gives Dana Brooke the Shovel Job and its Hilarious

Sam Roberts who got himself into a little hot water with his NXT Takeover comments back in January, is at it again, this time completely burying Dana Brooke on commentary. But before you get out the virtual pitchforks and torches on twitter, take a peak at the clips in this tweet courtesy of @WrestlingNewsCo.

Why? Because he’s hilarious. This is close to Heenan level quality. If this is what we can expect from the, “Last Professional Broadcaster”, then sign me up. Main Event might be worth watching for the first time since the show was launched.

Replaying the Bianca Belair controversy, Roberts had more candidate comments at NXT TakeOver Phoenix. When expressing his thoughts about Belair competing for the WWE NXT Women’s Championship he said:

“We’re going to get to see Shayna Baszler be dominant as she always is. We get to see Bianca Belair finally step up and get the opportunity to challenge for the women’s championship. It’s… I…j… it’s not… I mean, I don’t think it… it’s not Take-Takeover worthy. Bianca Belair, she’s a good athlete but look at the list of women’s champions. You got Shayna Baszler, you have Charlotte, you have Sasha Banks, you have Asuka, you have Kairi Sane. This is a list of the elite women in wrestling and Bianca Belair is nowhere close to that list. Takeover has become what Takeover has become. There’s only 5 matches on this card and we’re going to sit here on the panel and act like there’s a possibility that one of the most skilled women in the history of NXT needs to worry about another woman hitting her with her ponytail.”

Take note boys and girls, this is top level heel heat from a commentator. Are you mad bro? You should be.