These NFL Teams Went the Extra Yard to Announce their 2019 Schedules

Ah the month of April, a time for NFL teams to prepare for the draft, sign free agents and of course, release their schedule for the upcoming season. Normally these teams would just say, “Hey here’s our schedule”, but not this time.

From Pac Man inspired Green Bay, to a return to everybody’s favorite neighborhood in Pittsburgh, check out these awesomely unique 2019 NFL Schedule announcements:

Ready Player One.

The Steelers’ announcement was based on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood — a sweet nod to Pittsburgh’s own Fred Rogers, and who doesn’t love Bill Hillgrove on the call.

Won’t you be TJ Watt’s neighbor?

The Falcons’ video is Game of Thrones-themed…

Will the Falcons claim the iron throne or blow another 25 point lead?

Now who can’t get down with some ASMR, am I right? Well done and helmets off to the Cowboys, Falcons, Steelers and Packers. All four of you disappointed your fans in the 2018 campaign but at least your marketing departments still show up and show out!