VIDEO: Dean Ambrose Returns as Jon Moxley

Well this is certainly interesting.

Former WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose isn’t wasting any time returning to wrestling. He just published a bad ass new promo video under his old moniker, Jon Moxley.

The video showcases the former WWE Champion breaking out of a prison. I don’t think we need to hypothesize over the meaning here.

After reuniting one last time with the Shield on WWE programming, Ambrose was tossed into the alumni section on the website.

It is worth noting that the video Moxley released is very well produced. In other words, we wouldn’t be surprised if another major wrestling promotion is behind it.

If you’re not familiar with Ambrose as Jon Moxley, check out some of his best (and horrifyingly violent) matches before he made it to WWE. We recommend these Moxley gems from Title Match Network.

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