Exclusive: Is Dean Ambrose Really Gone from WWE?

It’s been several days since Dean Ambrose shocked the wrestling world by returning to Twitter as his old moniker, Jon Moxley.

There has been plenty of speculation over where Jon Moxley might land. The most popular theory is that he’s headed to All Elite Wrestling.

But is Moxley really done with WWE?
From what we’re hearing, the former Dean Ambrose is not accepting any offers from any promotion. And a source has told FLAGGED that Ambrose recently turned down a five figure deal for one appearance -saying that he is, “not taking bookings.”

If Ambrose or Moxley was a “free agent”, then why is he turning down real money for one time bookings?

Will Jon Moxley make his AEW debut in Las Vegas at Double or Nothing, or is all of this just a swerve by a company desperate to hold onto its talent? Real competition appears to have returned to professional wrestling and WWE may be willing to do anything to keep one of its major draws, even if it means letting Mox out from prison.

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