Why is Deadspin Sharing Stories about Cis Males and Abortion?

This week one of Deadspin’s associated properties, Jezebel wrote an article featured by Deadspin, titled: “How Do We Make Cis Men Give a Shit About Abortion?”

The article, written by Charlotte Shane, also the author of classics like, “We Harpies Want More”, an anti-Harvey Weinstein piece (so original) and “Ban Men” Week (her Catcher in the Rye) – is a self-proclaimed anarchist cat owner, who regularly flies the flag of radical feminism on social media. Of course she’s welcomed to do it, after all we do live in a free a country.

Keep swinging for the fences.

Our question has far less to do with her hot takes on biological males not goose stepping to her demands and much more to do with why Deadspin would feature it in the first place?

Deadspin describes itself as a sports news and blog website, originally founded by Gawker Media, and currently owned by the Gizmodo Media Group subsidiary of Univision Communications’ Fusion Media Group.

For readers of the publication, it has become apparent recently that more and more left-wing political opinion has been integrated into their coverage of “sports”, that is, if they are still covering sports at all.