YouTube Just Demonetized One of Women Wrestling’s Biggest Channels

Update: As of Monday June 10th, YouTube officially re-instated monetization on the Title Match Wrestling channel. The article below is what we ran on Thursday June 6th.

Title Match Wrestling is one of the most inclusive pro-wrestling channels on YouTube. Last month they hit 100 million total views.

Today they reached 300,000 subscribers. Time to celebrate, right?

Well unfortunately as of April 2019, YouTube demonetized the entire Title Match Wrestling channel.

The reason they gave? “Reused content”.

Title Match Network host Barbi Hayden interviewing Joey Janela & Penelope Ford at Starrcast II. Notice the Title Match mic flag & t-shirt.

YouTube may have just monetarily crippled one of the biggest promotions in women’s wrestling.

See, when your channel is hit with “demonetization” it means YouTube will no longer pay you for any of your content (YT stops placing ads that generate revenue).

The new YouTube algorithm is effectively punishing a wrestling channel who employs dozens of women and actively promotes diversity.

Ivelisse battles Kiera Hogan at Title Match’s Ladies Night Out II event – May 2018.

Among the most popular franchises on the Title Match platform is their exclusive Ladies Night Out series, which has been streamed 6 million times & features some of the best female athletes in the world. Women warriors like Jordynne Grace, Thunder Rosa, Kylie Rae, Ivelisse have all come through the LNO doors.

But now, YouTube demonetized the Title Match Wrestling channel so the future of the Ladies Night Out franchise is in jeopardy.

All the great women who make up the LNO show will likely be hit the worst financially.

As of this writing, YouTube has still not enabled monetization on their channel. Imagine doing 8 million video views in a single month and not getting paid for it. That means their talent won’t get paid either.

Great for YouTube. Terrible for Title Match.

Now we’ve all seen those hack YT channels that stitch together videos they don’t own, making a fortune off stolen content. Those would be worthy of the “reused content” label. But this is not one of those cases.

What a difference a few months can make. Title Match Wrestling goes from YouTube hero to “demonetized”.

Title Match Wrestling has been producing original wrestling programs for the past 10 years. Heck, you can see the owner shooting most of the videos at ringside!

Sabu’s Interview – 1 of 100+ shoots created/produced by Title Match Media LLC.

This latest demonetization sweep from YT is not an isolated incident.

A quick Twitter search reveals countless complaints from creators who say they have experienced the same harsh treatment from YouTube. Big name gaming, music and animation channels have been hit hard as well. No warning, just demonetized.

Since 2017, YouTube has been changing their algorithm to counter videos that are not advertiser-friendly. Lately they have been going after creators who they feel abuse “reused content” and “duplicative content”. While there are no shortage of guilty users, this wave of vague demonetizations has been catastrophic for many established brands.

To combat losing more revenue, Title Match Media LLC released the Title Match Network app – a massive new streaming service now available on all iOs & Android devices. Title Match Network was created as a safety blanket in 2017, a time which many YT users dubbed the “Adpoclypse”. If you want to help support Title Match, sign up to it’s FREE to try for 30 days.

We will keep you posted if YouTube reverses this “demonetization” decision.

Parent company, Title Match Media LLC is not just the brand behind the popular Ladies Night Out series, hosted monthly at Booker T’s arena in Texas City but it’s also the home of Stevie Ray’s Stand Up for Greatness show and “Nameless” with Barbi Hayden. Since 2009, Title Match has released 100s of original shoot interviews and is the exclusive source for wrestling promotions worldwide such as Battle Club Pro & Pro Wrestling Syndicate.

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