Men in Black: International (2019) – Review

by @TheZachSalazar

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So the infamous Men In Black have returned after a seven-year hiatus. Well… Sort of. Technically it’s not the Men In Black duo we remember. It’s a new crop of characters! And that’s what I immediately didn’t like about this movie when it was first announced.

I personally didn’t need a spinoff. I was all for some returning Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Sure the second film was garbage, but the third had some heart and a solid story, why not continue with Jones and Smith? Hell, I’d even take Josh Brolin back.

I get it, they wanted to throw the ever so popular Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson into yet another movie together. But honestly, I didn’t mind that. I like their chemistry. They’re very believable and they seem like they have a good time working with each other. 

Hemsworth and Thompson are about the only good things in this new spinoff of the franchise. Wait, I take that back… Liam “Don’t f***k with me or my family” Neeson and the always incredible Emma Thompson are highlights as well. But that’s about it.

This movie’s a real dud. I give it a hard “meh”. Like the Meh In Black. It comes chock full of a very bland storyline, cheesy kid-like moments, forgettable plot points, and lame supporting characters. There is a little cherry on top however, because it was nice seeing Frank the Pug back.

Another thing I didn’t care for was this movie was just a little bit too PC. It seems like a lot of films are trying to cater to that shit these days and it’s getting a bit exhausting when almost every film tries to shove something like that down our throats. You guys can stop now… We get it.

Overall, Men In Black: International is a forgettable entry to the franchise. I would give this movie a 1/10, but I’m gonna give it a 3/10 only because of solid acting from Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson.

You can skip this movie and you won’t miss a thing. Now let’s grab the neuralyzer, wipe our minds of it and roll out!