Mets’ Jason Vargas Threatens to Knock Out Reporter

Just another day in the New York Mets clubhouse.

Mets manager, Mickey Callaway and Jason Vargas got into it with a reporter who was asking questions in the clubhouse. The Mets skipper was none too please with a comment uttered by one of the beat writers and started getting a snippy with the press and that’s when the volume got turned way up.

Callaway cursed out Tim Healey of Newsday out while accusing him of being an antagonist of the team. And then this gem:

The Mets manager then tried to make the reporter leave but zero fucks were being given around the clubhouse and so…


In a nutshell things seem to be going well the Mets.

You’ve got a 36 year old pitcher threatening to KO a reporter, a manager who doesn’t know how to use his bullpen and a NY media that’s being treated like Jim Acosta in the White House Briefing Room.

What’s next? Mr. Met passing out bath salts to the first 10,000 fans in attendance? I’d say, get your shit together Mets, but this is what casual baseball fans love about you. The endless, nonstop fuckery that is and will probably always be this franchise. And I say that in the most loving of ways.