Child’s Play (2019) — Review

by @TheZachSalazar

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So we have a brand new entry in the Child’s Play franchise. There is a catch though, it’s not a sequel to the past seven films… Nope, we got ourselves a brand-spanking all new remake on our hands!

That’s right, our favorite little killer doll Chucky is back on the big screen after fifteen long years in an all new adventure! So let’s open this review up and see what we’re dealing with! (Folks who have seen the movie will understand that reference.)

I’m proud to say that I had a great time watching this movie. I loved it! It was so refreshing, because honestly, I was a little bit weary going in and my expectations were a little low. My main complaint was the absolute 180 degree deviation from the original film.

Chucky has an entirely new backstory in this film. One thing I always loved about the Chucky films was that he was serial killer Charles Lee Ray, who had put his soul inside the doll and was killing to find a new body. But in this film, they dropped that entirely, and just made it a normal robotic doll who gets tinkered with and begins a killing spree all to protect his beloved Andy.

And honestly… I liked the new spin on it! I found myself enjoying where Chucky’s backstory was going and how they incorporated Chucky into the times of modern technology. It made it more frightening and believable how this doll could hack his way into cars, televisions, phones, and everything else.

This movie was hilarious too. It had a perfect blend of comedy and gore. The humor wasn’t eye-rolling, overdone and disgusting like the abomination that was Seed of Chucky. This humor was quirky and relatable and it was really well placed.

Speaking of the kills, the kills were excellent! So much gore and so well crafted! There’s one character in particular that was just asking to be killed, and the payoff was everything I wanted it to be. I also really liked the blend of CGI and practical effects used to create Chucky, regardless of how much backlash his redesign got. I thought it worked and it grew on me as the film went on.

Now let’s close out this review with the acting. I thought everyone was on their A-game. Aubrey Plaza was fantastic. Gabriel Bateman was solid, and I thought he hit a home run carrying this film. Brian Tyree Henry was another great casting choice who had great comedic chops as well as his character’s mother, played hilariously by Carlease Burke.

And finally, Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky. Sure Brad Dourif will always be the OG Chucky, but Hamill was able to put his claim on it by delivering a beautiful, twisted and chilling performance. I loved it.

Overall, Child’s Play was a great film and I enjoyed the shit out of it!

I’m gonna give it an 8/10 and I highly recommend going to see it. I think there’s a lot of fun to be had and I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel getting green-lit in the near future. Until then, grab your “Best Buddis”, and head to the theater and check it out!