The Seth Rollins vs Will Ospreay Twitter Feud: Complete Recap

By now you’ve probably heard about the verbal Twitter war between WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins & IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay. Here’s how it all transpired.

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Issues started on June 22nd when Rollins, looking to defend the online backlash against the WWE PPV Stomping Grounds, posted the following tweet:

Fellow WWE Superstar Roman Reigns was quick to backup Rollins when he released the simple yet effective tweet:

So fast-forward to the night of WWE Stomping Grounds, right after Drew Gulak captured the Cruiserweight title in an impressive triple threat match. Seth Rollins took to Twitter again to defend his brand. He wrote:

After doubling-down with remarks that WWE is the “best pro wrestling on the planet”, Rollins received additional support from WWE’s The Usos.

Meanwhile, NJPW’s Will Ospreay & Tama Tonga, along with AEW’s Chris Jericho had responses of their own. See below:

The New Japan star simply replied to Rollins, “I’m alive.” Rollins quickly shot back with this scathing remark:

Expanding on the “little guy” diss, Chris Jericho then weighed in to make this observation:

Not to be outdone, Ospreay took to Twitter after RAW concluded on Monday & gave us this gem:

Rollins then whipped out the old “look at my bank account” insult. Ospreay reverted back to the original jab:

Then Ospreay posted this image featuring his AEW girlfriend Bea Priestley & Toni Storm who is the current NXT UK Women’s Champion. 

Meanwhile Rollins has not backed down.

The next day Rollins responded to wrestling journalist Wade Keller.

After seeing the tweet about “goodwill”, Ospreay came back with this:

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