The XFL Effect

by @RealNickAldis

With all the oxygen going to conversation about the new and ever-evolving landscape of pro wrestling, it’s easy to forget that twenty years after the first attempt, the XFL is going to (re)launch in 2020. Only in America…

Full disclosure, I’m not an expert on American Football (breaking news) but I admire the spectacle and athleticism (I still think Rugby players are the standard bearers for stud athletes, but I’m probably biased because my father played professionally for a while.)

I appreciate the massive commercial impact that the NFL has, so I understand Vince McMahon’s desire to enter the space, even after the initial attempt in 2001 didn’t go the way he wanted it to. 

The principle on the surface seems simple enough; add a little pro-wrestling razzmatazz to a competitive sport to make it more entertaining. American Football is already pretty over the top and testosterone-charged so it seems like an easy fit.

But I always thought that the fact that the NFL is already pretty razzmatazzed (is that a word? It is now.) would be a reason that perhaps the XFL was scratching an itch that didn’t exist. Nonetheless, I do believe this second go-around will be altogether more successful.

But why aren’t we looking at the sports that are the total opposite end of the cultural spectrum?

What if we sprinkled a little pro wrasslin fairy dust on two sports in desperate need of a little showbiz:

Tennis: I love Tennis, and I’ve pissed everyone off for the last two weeks by spending more time on the couch than Charlie Sheen at his therapist thanks to the institution that is Wimbledon.

Now before anyone spills their Pimms getting upset, I’m not suggesting we tinker with Wimbledon, or any of the other majors, but imagine an anything goes Tennis tournament?

I’d love to see how things could change if a little trash talking was allowed.

Tennis is a hugely psychological sport; one on one (usually) and often the breakthrough comes when a player beats themselves. But look how much attention Nick Kyrgios gets for being just a little controversial.

Someone should set up a league just for guys like him and let them loose. Big entrances, pyro, promos, gimmicks. Imagine a doubles team coming out dressed like the Road Warriors! Tell me you wouldn’t watch it out of curiosity alone. Liar!

Golf: Throughout history, man has spent inordinate amounts of money in the pursuit of being better at hitting a tiny ball hundreds of yards and into a little hole in the grass.

The TV rights make a boat load of money, but only because they can sell advertising to Mercedes and Rolex.

I wonder what kind of numbers you could get if we had a once-a-year, no-holds-barred Golf Tournament. Imagine if Top Golf designed a full 18 hole course and how it would look and feel. Add some promos, entrances and characters, and golf is suddenly a lot more palatable to a whole lot of folks. 

So there you have it, I’ve single handedly fixed two sports that are doing just fine already.

But if you ever see “X-Tennis” or “Top Golf Live” just remember that because I wrote this, I’m the only person in the world that could possibly have thought of this and they stole it from me.

That’s how it works. 

Information about the Author:

Nick Aldis, better known to some as Magnus from his career in TNA Wrestling, or Oblivion from his popular villain character on the SKY 1 TV show Gladiators, is an English pro wrestler, author and TV personality from West Norfolk.

He was the first British Wrestler to ever become recognized as World Champion. He is the current NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion. 

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  1. Excellent post. I’m surprised we didn’t hit on baseball as well. That’s a sport that could use… something.

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