Ladies Night Out Underground Takes Women’s Wrestling to the Next Level

The most popular women’s wrestling series on YouTube just got more interesting, as Title Match Wrestling’s Ladies Night Out debuted a spin-off series on

Ladies Night Out Underground is a grittier, more in-depth look at the women behind the LNO brand. Featuring the top independent talent in women’s professional wrestling today, LNO Underground aims to be a weekly series supplementing the storylines and characters featured at the Ladies Night Out events streamed on Title Match Network.

Shot on location in Houston, TX & Edinburgh, Scotland.

Main Event

Thunder Rosa vs Alex Gracia

Hyan vs Raychell Rose

Serrano vs Jenna Lynn

Created/Produced exclusively by Title Match Network

Hosted by Matt Topolski, who also provides commentary and narration.

Co-hosted by Barbi Hayden & WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T

Matches were shot live at Booker T World Gym Arena in Texas City, outside of Houston. Check out Hyan vs Raychell Rose free on Title Match Wrestling’s YouTube Channel.

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