Queens of the Ring iPPV: Complete Results, Photos

On Saturday, Hurricane Pro live-streamed their 1st ever “Queens of the Ring” all-women’s wrestling event on TitleMatchNetwork.com.

Fans traveled from as far as Chicago & Orlando to witness this historic show at Ford Park in Beaumont, TX. On the iPPV, camera crews highlighted the 400+ faithful who packed in to see some of the top women’s wrestlers in the world.

Watch the full replay here.

Queens of the Ring made front page news on the Examiner newspaper, as featured here by women’s star Amber Nova.

Quick Results:
*Phoebe defeated Raychell Rose (RWR Women’s Champ)
* Heather Monroe defeated Alex Gracia (#1 Contender Match)
* Thunder Rosa defeated Mercedes Martinez
* Hyan (Sabotage Women’s Champ) defeated Amber Nova
* Priscilla Kelly defeated Rok-C
* Miranda Alize (Hurricane Pro Women’s Champ) defeated Joey Ryan (who announced himself as mystery opponent)
* Heather Monroe defeated Miranda Alize to become to new Hurricane Pro Women’s Champ

*Matt Topolski covered solo duties on live commentary

*Live production for the Title Match Network livestream provided by Heel/Face & I Shoot Wrestling.

As a bonus, check out the full encounter between Joey Ryan and Miranda in the Main Event of Queens of the Ring.

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