Antonio Brown Accused of Rape in a Lawsuit

Just when you thought the Antonio Brown saga ended with him putting pen to paper on a one year deal with the New England Patriots, think again.

Today, disturbing details are emerging from a lawsuit just filed against the Patriots new star WR, alleging rape and other sexual misconduct.

The lawsuit says that Brown — in three separate incidents, two in June 2017 and another in May 2018 — sexually assaulted a woman named Britney Taylor, a gymnast whom he met while they were attending Central Michigan together and whom he later hired as a trainer.

“Mr. Brown denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit,” said a statement from Darren Heitner, a lawyer representing Brown. “He will pursue all legal remedies to not only clear his name but to also protect other professional athletes against false accusations.”

The statement by Brown’s legal team characterized Taylor’s lawsuit as motivated by money. It was not clear whether Taylor reported her accusations to the police. 

According to the suit, Brown sexually assaulted Taylor twice during training sessions in June 2017. First, he exposed himself and kissed her without permission, the lawsuit says.

Later that month, the lawsuit says, while they were streaming religious programming on a tablet at his South Florida home, Brown started masturbating behind Taylor and ejaculated on her back.

The lawsuit contains images of profane messages that Taylor says Brown sent to her about the incident.

According to the lawsuit, Taylor ended her working relationship with Brown, but several months later, when Brown contacted her to apologize, she relented. She was, according to the lawsuit, “swayed by his assurance that he would cease any sexual advances.” 

Then, the lawsuit states that, on May 20, 2018, Brown forced Taylor onto a bed, pushed her face into the mattress and “forcibly” raped her. She tried to resist him, screaming and repeatedly shouting “no” and “stop,” the lawsuit says, but Brown refused and penetrated her. 

The statement from Brown’s lawyer acknowledged at least one instance when the two engaged in consensual sex and also said that “any sexual interaction with Mr. Brown was entirely consensual.”

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the NFL was unaware of the lawsuit but is, “beginning its process”, of investigating the incident. The situation is unfolding in front of the NFL’s eyes in real time as it is in front of the public.

It’s important to note, that under the NFL Personal Conduct Policy, Brown does not need to be charged with a crime in order to face disciplinary action from the league.

More details on this situation as it develops.

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