Cancel the Cancel Culture: Nick Aldis Addresses Jim Cornette to NWA Reactions

by Nick Aldis

This week, the NWA made the announcement that the incomparable Jim Cornette would once again be donning the headset and joining Joe Galli at the announce table in Atlanta at the return of NWA studio wrestling on September 30th and October 1st.

I was expecting the usual smattering of unwarranted speculation, criticism and of course, advice from the anonymous expert community also known as the internet wrestling community (even though we’re all on the internet, but I’m old enough to remember when some were not) but I have to admit even I was surprised by some of the responses.

This may come as a shock, but I don’t keep abreast of every single petty online wrestling squabble, so I asked a couple of trusted contemporaries why this time seemed unusually aggressive and was brought up to speed on some of the latest corny beefs (see what I did there?) and while I’m not going to weigh in on any of them specifically, it highlighted a broader question I find myself asking more than I should; why are we all wasting so much time being so damn sensitive?

One of my colleagues brushed it off and said “oh it’s just the cancel culture.”

There’s a word for it? It’s time to cancel the cancel culture.

When Jericho misplaced the AEW belt recently, it sparked a frenzy of memes and ribbing from fans and peers on social media that has even led to a bestselling shirt.

I don’t know Chris that well but we’ve met and even shared an adult beverage or two (shocker) and when beltgate happened I considered posting something to rib him but then pulled back because everything I say (including this article) gets turned into a controversial headline by the shit-stirrer sites and then it’s awkward and all the fun is taken out of it.

It’s sad when you second guess a harmless joke because of the alarming lack of a sense of humor of the wrestling fans on social media.

I know I’m going off-topic here but it’s just what I felt like addressing this week. If you’re a wrestling fan, great! More power to you and thank you.

But guys, please lighten the fuck up.

Your dollars are not worth any more than anyone else’s, regardless of how much time you spend dissecting how the sausage is made, liking one style does not disqualify you from enjoying another and does not put you in an opposing camp, you’re allowed to watch one show or one hundred shows, and please remember that there’s a big difference between making observations and “throwing shade”.

It’s not my decision to make, but if it were, I would have Jim Cornette too, because he’s the best extemporaneous speaker in the history of the business along with the late Bobby Heenan.

Guess what?…

I don’t have to agree with everything someone says about our industry to work with them or to enjoy their work. And no, that’s not me saying I agree or disagree with Jim on his opinions.

You know why? Because I choose to keep that to myself and really, who gives a shit? And in case you’re wondering, yes I see the irony in me asking that question in a published article! But I get paid to do this so that qualifies it as important to me because this is my business not a hobby.

It’s time we all asked ourselves “is my opinion on this really that important?”

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.

Yeah that was a wrestler quoting Plato. Deal with it.

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