Exclusive: Nick Aldis’ NWA Power Preview

by Nick Aldis

Sometime during the past few days a word crept into my head that, in my opinion, is the perfect adjective for our new studio series, NWA Power.

That word is “unapologetic”; we are proud to be an in-your-face rasslin’ show that is not ashamed to be what it is, and that’s a fun and outrageous hour of escapism.

So now please indulge me in an equally unapologetic shill of our new show that drops everywhere online for free this Tuesday October 8th at 6:05 Eastern Time. 

We wanted to have a show that absolutely embraces all the things that made professional wrestling stand out from other sports or any other television shows throughout history; loud, boisterous, gregarious wrestlers that tell you how great they are or tell each other what they don’t like about each other and then it gets settled with a match or sometimes a good ol- fashioned brawl.

We don’t want you to have to sacrifice hours of your time every week to be able to follow our show, it’s one hour and trust me, it flies by.

You’re going to see familiar faces and fresh ones, some getting another at-bat in the business and some getting their first chance to be showcased in this way.

But they’re all there on merit and because they are all unique. Whether it’s the rough-n-tumble redneck Trevor Murdoch, the Stroke Daddy Ricky Starks, the ultra-intense firecracker Thunder Rosa or the debonair throwback National Treasure like yours truly, there is a variety of personalities, and that’s what makes wrestling unique.

If, like many of my friends or various folks I’ve met and interacted with over the last couple of years, you used to watch wrestling but something about the current wrestling on tv just doesn’t connect with you, I hope that you will give our new show a try.

The show tips the hat to the classic studio style of Georgia Championship Wrestling or Crockett Promotions from the 80s, but with an updated look and production value. For those of you familiar with that style of presentation, it will be a fun nostalgia trip. For those that are not familiar, it will feel fresh and new.

Most importantly, the men and women you see on this show are talking for themselves, from their heart not from a script. The action is rugged and believable and the emotion is real.

Simply put; if you like two guys sh*t-talking each other and then settling it in the ring, then give us an hour of your time.

I’m not trying to tell you that we’re going to take over the wrestling world overnight. We have always had a mantra at the NWA to “under promise and over deliver”.

I’m just asking you to give the show a look. It won’t be for everyone and we’re totally cool with that. But if it is, you’ll be glad you came on this ride with us. 

One thing I am absolutely confident in saying is there is no other wrestling show out there right now quite like NWA Power, and that’s exactly why we made it.

NWA Power drops this Tuesday Oct 8th and 6:05 Eastern Time at: youtube.com/nwa

Facebook.com/nwa and on FITE TV.

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