Top 100 Most Watched Wrestling YouTube Channels in History

The wrestling landscape in 2019 is like nothing we’ve ever seen. Various promotions have now secured TV deals, or simply bought time in local markets in an effort to secure their piece of the wrestling pie.

But with all the focus on TV ratings, how do your favorite companies fare on YouTube? YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world, behind only Google (which happens to own YouTube).

Courtesy of Bleacher Report

Fans from around the world have turned to YouTube in order to access wrestling content which was previously unavailable to them, and while WWE remains the top dog by a longshot, the hierarchy of wrestling promotions is drastically different than you might have imagined.

For example, can you guess which of these companies has the highest number of overall views outside WWE?

Try ranking just the shows that appear on TV: AEW, Impact, ROH, NJPW, NWA, MLW & WOW.

What if we told you that many of these promotions fail to rank in the Top 20 wrestling channels worldwide?

Some of the companies that appear to be doing the best “on-air” are actually suffering from total indifference in the digital world.

If a wrestling program is truly popular on TV, the fans will naturally seek it out online.

The truth however, is that many of these companies are getting dominated in the numbers game by promotions that are operating on a shoe-string budget.

In order to properly compare and contrast, we compiled two different YouTube lists.

The first features active wrestling promotions (ran at least 1 live show in 2019) & streaming services only.

The second includes all wrestling-related channels (podcasts, list videos, commentary, etc).

Since YouTube updated their policies, we can only see abbreviated subscriber counts.

All channels have been ranked by lifetime views. This list was finalized on Oct 1, 2019.

Wrestling Promotions OnlySubsViews
3CWE (Great Khali)2.26M742.8M
4Beyond Wrestling1.77M706M
5Joey Ryan (Bar Wrestling)506K254.5M
6Lucha Libre AAA1.01M195.1M
7Title Match Wrestling (Ladies Night Out)625K193.5M
8NJPW (Japanese)339K192.6M
9Limitless Wrestling524K175M
10Defiant Wrestling524K128.5M
11Women’s Wrestling Revolution261K110.6M
12Ring of Honor397K103.1M
13Big Japan Pro Wrestling320K104.1M
14AIW Wrestling128K76.6M
15Combat Zone Wrestling218K72.4M
16NJPW (English)274K62.1M
18Warriors of Wrestling114K37M
20WOW: Women of Wrestling52.2K26M
21Reality of Wrestling150K24.3M
22ICW (Scotland)68.1K20.1M
23DDT Pro42.3K17.9M
25RF Video 20.2K12.4M
26Pro Wrestling NOAH33K11.5M
27Santino Bros Wrestling18K9.6M
28Premier Pro Wrestling26.7K9.4M
29Pro Wrestling Guerrilla57.1K7.9M
31A Matter of Pride 23.4K 7.5M
32Championship Wrestling Ontario26.2K8M
35WWN LIVE (Evolve)26.4K6.1M
36Capital Wrestling Alliance21.7K5.9M
40German Wrestling Federation19K4.5M
42Pro Wrestling 2.014.4K4.4M
44House of Glory20.8K4.1M
45FEST 20.5K4.2M
46Future Stars of Wrestling16.5K3.8M
49WXW: Westside Xtreme15.8K3.5M
50Heel/Face (Sabotage)11.8K3.4M
51Boston Wrestling?3.2M
53River City Wrestling5.1K3M
54Southside Wrestling8.4K2.8M
56Lucha Underground53K2.6M
57Zelo Pro10.3K2.6M
58MCW Maryland 10.8K2.2M
59IWA Mid-South10.4K2.2M
60PCW UK8.5K2M
61United Wrestling Network (CWF Hollywood)5.7K1.9M
62AAW Pro12.6K1.7M
63SMASH Wrestling9.9K1.6M
64Freelance Wrestling11.2K1.5M
66WXW RageTV2.6K1.4M
68REV Pro12K1.2M
71PWX 6.5K1.1M
72Brazilian Wrestling Federation20.6K1M
73Pro Wrestling Eve4.5K1M
74Empire State Wrestling3.7K1M
75PCW Ultra?942K
76Go Pro Wrestling10K865K
77IPW UK6.7K861K
78FIP 2K724K
80Chaotic Wrestling2.7K653K
81Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling1.2K643K
82WAW Wrestling1.8K586K
83Wrestling Revolver3.2K552K
84Melbourne City Wrestling3K540K
85F1RST Wrestling2.4K511K
86Dragon Gate 5.6K492K
87Paragon Pro Wrestling2.9K471K
88VCW Wrestling2K423K
89Elite Wrestling Entertainment1.7K387K
91Crimefighter (Pro Wrestling Central Illinois)>1K345K
92TASW >1K332K
93Fight Factory Wrestling2.7K319K
94Lucha VaVOOM1.2K288K
95The Crash Lucha12K260K
96Create a Pro Wrestling3.2K241K
97New Generation Wrestling UK4.6K238K
98Pro Wrestling Ego2K238K
99Kaiju Big Battel3.2K223K
100Pro Wrestling Unplugged1.1K212K

Few observations from the Top 100 list.

WWE is by far the most dominant wrestling channel on YouTube.

It’s not even close. For comparison, Impact Wrestling comes in at #2 but has 1/20th the amount of overall views. Impact, however, does have the distinction of the being the only other wrestling promotion with over 1 billion hits.

Would you have guessed that Beyond Wrestling has nearly 7x the traffic that Ring of Honor does?

ROH has been around since 2002, on TV for years and is backed/funded by Sinclair, one of the largest broadcast companies in the world. Yet, even if you totaled all of ROH’s viewership on-air, it still wouldn’t touch Beyond wrestling.

Mia Yim appearing for Beyond Wrestling

Take Title Match Wrestling for example. Through original programming like Ladies Night Out & Stand Up for Greatness w/ Stevie Ray, Title Match now has more overall views than New Japan Pro Wrestling.

NJPW is the largest wrestling promotion in Japan & the 2nd largest in the world next to WWE. They also air in the states on Mark Cuban’s AXS TV.

Alex Gracia vs Miranda Alize from Ladies Night Out 7 on Title Match Wrestling YT

Let’s look at the case of Joey Ryan, owner of Bar Wrestling. His channel alone has amassed more views than ROH, NJPW, CMLL, NWA, MLW & WOW combined. Ryan is an independent contractor who has turned down deals from WWE & AEW.

Joey Ryan appearing live on MLW TV. Ryan has more views than most of the top promotions combined.

MLW has one of the slickest looking wrestling TV products and they don’t even crack the Top 30 on YouTube. It’s the same case with Evolve, a company that WWE frequently partners with for events.

WOW on AXS TV looks to be the top women’s promotion in the world. But a closer look at their YouTube analytics tells a different story. WOW might boast 26 million overall views but that’s because 1 single video counts for 21 million.

There is a dramatic drop-off after that. Even if you factor in TV viewership (which has not been publicly released), it is very unlikely they would crack Top 10 on YT.

FITE TV presents itself as a streaming giant but on YouTube they are a non-factor. Statistically, FITE loses the YT numbers game to their streaming rivals Title Match, NJPW, Highspots & RF Video.

Other companies that boast nationwide TV deals like Championship Wrestling from Hollywood don’t even crack the Top 50 in YT viewership. Championship Wrestling from Hollywood currently pays for air time on abc13 in Houston.

Courtesy AEW/CBS Sports

It’s fair to estimate that AEW will grow their YT dramatically over the next several months. They already have one of the largest subscriber counts and will be soon be adding AEW: Dark to their channel.

Other companies like NWA may also see a boost if their new vision, NWA: Power, proves successful.

NWA Power just started airing weekly on YT.

Now that we’ve sorted through the Top 100 active wrestling promotions, what happens when you factor in all wrestling-related channels? The results are even more mind-blowing. Channels like Grims Toy Show have more views than the Bella Twins (owned by WWE).

For an even deeper dive, we ranked the Top 250 wrestling-related channels. The only type not included is gamer channels.

All channels have been ranked by lifetime views.

What do you think of the lists? Sound off and if you believe we missed someone please let us know in the comment section.

Wrestling YT Channels SubsViews
1WWE (Main Channel) 49.2M 36.1B
3WhatCulture WWE1.84M1.26B
4CWE (Great Khali) 2.26M 742.8M
5Beyond Wrestling1.77M706M
6Grims Toy Show1.2M656.7M
7The Bella Twins (WWE)2.4M509M
9Up Up Down Down (WWE)2M303M
10WWE Music (WWE)882K301.8M
12Wrestling News Now604K259.4M
13Joey Ryan (Bar Wrestling)506K254.5M
14Lucha Libre AAA1.01M195.1M
15Title Match Wrestling (Ladies Night Out)625K193.5M
16NJPW (Japanese) 339K 192.6M
17Limitless Wrestling524K175M
19Defiant Wrestling524K128.5M
20Wrestling Hub392K130.5M
21Fact5 Wrestling415K121M
22Wrestling with Wregret266K113.3M
23Women’s Wrestling Revolution261K110.6M
24Big Japan Pro Wrestling320K104.1M
25Ring of Honor397K103.1M
27YT Wrestling Facts244K87.2M
28Total Divas557K83M
29Hannibal TV121K79M
30AIW Wrestling128K76.6M
31Chris Van Vliet202K74.9M
32Combat Zone Wrestling218K72.4M
33Warge 304K71.4M
34OSW Review142K64.9M
35Wrestling Collectibles103K62.4M
37NJPW (English)274K62.1M
38Pro Wrestling Unlimited164K59M
39Whole F’n Show Podcast133K58.4M
40Pllana Productions185K58.2M
43Wrestling Daze154K52.9M
44Sam Roberts 142K51.9M
45Going in RAW192K49M
46Slat Rock Wrestling165K46.9M
47New Legacy Inc85.4K45M
48Being the Elite397K43M
49Christian Maracle105K42M
52Warriors of Wrestling114K37M
54Martin Guerrero Wrestling News112K33M
55CHW Backyard126K32.5M
56Wrestling Hero Figs117K31M
57No DQ58.2K30.3M
59Matt Hardy Brand239K27M
60KBW Wrestling (Backyard)155K27M
61Celtic Warriors Workouts (Sheamus)422K26.8M
62WOW: Women of Wrestling52.2K26M
63Ronda Rousey462K25.9M
64Reality of Wrestling150K24.3M
65Headbanger Botch107K24.3M
66Something to Wrestle With70.9K22M
67Inside the Ropes113K21M
68ICW (Scotland)68.1K20.1M
69Wrestling Inc?17.9M
70WWE Fan Talk Show100K17.7M
71DDT Pro42.3K17.9M
72Kip Clips54.6K15.8M
73Long Island Iced Z132K15.7M
68Joe Cronin Show66.3K15.6M
69Shawn Michaels Official88K15.5M
70Pro Wrestling Report25.3K15.1M
71Kayfabe Commentaries39K14.8M
73Solomonster Sounds Off52.2K13.5M
75RF Video 20.2K12.4M
77Pro Wrestling NOAH33K11.5M
78Dalyxman Wrestling Reviews27.3K11.3M
79Tapout Corner36.5K11.2M
80Bro Wrestling27K10.6M
81Alicia Atout AMBY Interviews52K10.4M
82 RavenCyarm25K10.3M
83 WWE Stage Creator47.5K9.9M
84 Wrestling Channel w/ Alan Magnetti28K9.8M
85LPWA Archives13.9K9.5M
86WWE PC131K9.4M
87Santino Bros Wrestling18K9.6M
88Premier Pro Wrestling26.7K9.4M
89OTRS Central19.1K9.2M
9183 Weeks33.9K7.8M
92Pro Wrestling Guerrilla57.1K7.9M
94Championship Wrestling Ontario26.2K8M
95A Matter of Pride23.4K7.5M
97Memphis Wrestling Video Vault15.1K7.3M
98Wrestling Bios62.4K7.2M
99Colt Cabana47.3K7.1M
102 Busted Open Radio60.2K6.5M
103Grilling with JR50K6.5M
104Jim Cornette50.5K6.3M
105Wrestling Reloaded379K6M
106WWN LIVE (Evolve)26.4K6.1M
107Capital Wrestling Alliance21.7K5.9M
109Vince Russo30.4K5.7M
113F4W (Dave Meltzer)26.6K5.2M
115Bruce Blitz31.5K4.8M
116Ring the Belle28.8K4.8M
119Pro Wrestling 2.014.4K4.4M
120Heel by Nature74K4.2M
122House of Glory20.8K4.1M
123Pro Wrestling Sheet17.6K4.1M
124Andre Corbeil11.6K4.1M
125FEST 20.5K4.2M
126Simon Miller82.8K3.8M
128Future Stars of Wrestling16.5K3.8M
131German Wrestling Federation19K4.5M
133Alpha17.49K 3.6M
134WXW: Westside Xtreme15.8K3.5M
135Heel/Face (Sabotage)11.8K3.4M
136Robin Kimball4.9K3.4M
137Wrestling News Co16.9K3.3M
138Boston Wrestling?3.2M
139The Law: Live Audio Wrestling14.6K3.1M
140Suplex Network13.1K3.1M
142Women’s Pro Wrestling Network9K3.1M
143River City Wrestling5.1K3M
144Rasslin’ Rantin’14.3K3M
145Reliving Wrestling49K2.9M
146Over the Top Wrestling16.8K2.8M
147DGW Wrestling (Backyard)15.6K2.8M
148Keepin it 1009.4K2.8M
149Southside Wrestling8.4K2.8M
150Mandy Sacs (Many Rose)53.8K2.7M
152Lucha Underground53K2.6M
153Major Wrestling Figure Podcast45.9K2.6M
154Zelo Pro10.3K2.6M
155Ric Flair Official56K2.5M
156Ryback TV80K2.4M
157Sammy Guevara34.3K2.4M
158Dave Knows Wrestling20.9K2.3M
159Big Time Backyard Wrestling12.7K2.3M
160Dinner with the King9K2.3M
161MCW Maryland 10.8K2.2M
162IWA Mid-South10.4K2.2M
163Kenny Johnson17.7K2.1M
164PCW UK8.5K2M
165Real Classic Wrestling7.2K2M
166Wrestling Toy Collector5K2M
167What Happened When13K1.9M
168United Wrestling Network (CWF Hollywood) 5.7K1.9M
169AAW Pro12.6K1.7M
170Byte That6.7K1.7M
171No Kayfaben3K1.7M
173SMASH Wrestling9.9K1.6M
174Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling3.6K1.6M
175King of Kingsport3K1.6M
176Original Wrestling Documentaries15.7K1.5M
177Freelance Wrestling11.2K1.5M
178Ron Killings TV26K1.4M
180WXW RageTV2.6K1.4M
182Chair Shot Reality6K1.3M
183Joe Dombrowski2.7K1.3M
184REV Pro12K1.2M
187PWX 6.5K1.1M
188Bell to Bell w/ Bobby Blaze5.9K1.1M
189Brazilian Wrestling Federation20.6K1M
190Pro Wrestling Eve4.5K1M
191After Buzz TV (Xpac 12360)7.3K1M
192Empire State Wrestling3.7K1M
193Lio Rush10.7K1M
194PCW Ultra?942K
195Justin Credible13.5K938K
196Go Pro Wrestling10K865K
197IPW UK6.7K861K
198The Impact Lounge4.6K832K
199The ADCs of Wrestling5K805K
200We Are Pro Wrestling8.2K785K
201Chasing Glory w/ Lillian Garcia11K775K
202FIP 2K724K
204Chaotic Wrestling2.7K653K
205 Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling 1.2K643K
206Daria Berenato (Sony Deville)17K604K
207WAW Wrestling1.8K586K
208On Your Mark 4K581K
209Ken Anderson4.7K570K
210Wrestling Revolver3.2K552K
211Melbourne City Wrestling3K540K
212The Wrestling Professor1.4K531K
214F1RST Wrestling2.4K511K
215Wrestling Rampage1.8K504K
216Dragon Gate 5.6K492K
217Ring Rust Radio1.36K478K
218Paragon Pro Wrestling2.9K471K
219The Dirty Sheets2.3K457K
220Booking the Territory3.3K444K
221VCW Wrestling2K423K
223Brittania Wrestling Promotions1.4K413K
224The Wrestling Coach6.3K403K
225Elite Wrestling Entertainment1.7K387K
226All Ego Ethan Page7K387K
227Samoa Joe45K368K
228Wrestletopia TV1.3K349K
229Crimefighter (Pro Wrestling Central Illinois) >1345K
230Mat Men Podcast3.7K329K
231Spoiler Free Wrestling2.4K329K
232Monster Factory TV3.2K328K
233Maple Leaf Wrestling1.4K325K
234TASW >1K332K
235Steel Chair Wrestling>1K326K
236Fight Factory Wrestling2.7K319K
237Trans-South Wrestling?314K
238Lucha VaVOOM1.2K288K
239The Crash Lucha12K260K
240Create a Pro Wrestling3.2K241K
241New Generation Wrestling UK4.6K238K
242Pro Wrestling Ego2K238K
243Joe Talks Wrestling1.6K230K
244Kaiju Big Battel3.2K223K
245Pro Wrestling Unplugged1.1K212K
246Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling>1K210K
247The Genius Cast w/ Lanny Poffo1.5K206K
248Dominating Backyard Wrestling1.3K194K
249Rocky Mountain Pro?164K
250Attack! Pro Wrestling2K154K

45 thoughts on “Top 100 Most Watched Wrestling YouTube Channels in History

  1. First off great list I absolutley love getting an idea where a lot of these channels stand. It gives me quite a few channels to search for and view their content. Someone I think y’all missed Dalyxman as from the looks of it would indeed be in the middle of the YT channels somewhere in the 80-100 range.I personally believe he’s done some great work like all these other channels. Thanks again for the list you’re awesome for doing it.

  2. Hi there, first of all very interesting list, thank you for creating it. May I ask why Over The Top wrestling is not listed among the promotions list, as they would often post free matches from their shows? Thanks in advance, really enjoyed the list.

  3. You left out A Matter of Pride Wrestling, the lgbtq wrestling promotion that would easily be in the top 20

    1. Hi Carmine! A Matter of Pride is #93 on our 2nd list of overall wrestling channels but we forgot to add them on the 1st. Will fix it tonight! Thank you for letting us know.

  4. Yeah so CWFHollywood has 1.9 million views on their YouTube channel. Search the United Wrestling Network. Jeez now if a Canadian wrote this there would be no issue #sorry🇨🇦

  5. Yeah, there’s one person you forgot. And that is me, Christian Maracle. My YouTube channel (same as my username above) is mainly the home of the Wrestling Sins videos and has nearly 42M lifetime views, which should put me in the 46th position below Being The Elite.

      1. Thank you very much!

        If I may ask, do you think you could also add Sammy Guevara? He’s a professional wrestler signed with All Elite Wrestling and he documents his journey from his career. His YouTube channel is “sammy guevara” and he has 2.4M total lifetime views.

  6. Wrestling Rampage on Youtube. Nearly 2K Subs and over 503k views easily should be in the 210ish spot.

  7. I feel a channel that needs to be on the top 200 list is ‘New Ward Order’. He has 600 subs and about 150k views.

  8. You forgot “Warge” from Argentina, with 304K subscribers and 71M vídeo views, The latin american community is very big, Bro.

  9. I was hoping I’d make this list.
    Channel is Mountie’s Corner is my Wrestling channel! Close to 400k total views. Skits, reactions,podcasts, etc.
    Canadian youtuber from Montreal
    Been featured on wwe network twice for reactions and wwe wrestlers have retweeted my skits
    Thanks guys! Great job

  10. Hey guys
    My wrestling channel is called “Mountie’s Corner”
    322k total views
    Skits, reactions, been featured on WWE network twice and wwe wrestlers have retweeted my content.
    Canadian youtuber from Montreal, if you could add me that would be great

  11. Great list, there’s another channel you forgot, and that is my channel Conman167. We are live every time WWE is live, and have grown to over 115k subscribers and over 19 million views. We would be ranked #63 right in between wrestling inc. And ICW.

  12. You forgot CNL, chilean wrestling company, it should be on the top 87 but you totally ignored it… please fix it

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