Insane 2nd Floor Balcony Jump from 2nd Generation Wrestling Star

If you know anything about the New Orleans professional wrestling scene, you certainly know the name Luke Hawx. Hawx is a 20-year wrestler, stuntman and promoter who not only owns Wildkat Sports but has also competed in WWE, CMLL, CZW and promotions across the world. Below, you can see him training with weightlifting legend CT Fletcher.

Luke’s son PJ Hawx is known as “The Prodigy”, a star amateur wrestler and trained stuntman.

This past weekend at a mall in New Orleans, LA, PJ Hawk set the internet on fire! Check out the incredible moment as he lept from a 2nd story balcony onto the wrestlers below.

The stunt happened during a Wildkat tag team match featuring PJ & Luke Hawx vs Fly Def (Warren Johnson and Zack Mason).

Outlets everywhere have been retweeting the viral video with ESPN and SportsCenter even picking it up this morning.